ePrescribing For More Convenient Care

Electronic prescribing allows prescribing practitioners and their patients to use an electronic prescription as an alternative to paper-based prescriptions.

Patients have two options for electronic prescribing.
A Token

A patient who opts to receive an electronic prescription token will receive an SMS or email with a unique QR code which is generated with the GP’s health identifier code via their health identifier code from their PrimaryClinic clinical system. This token is not a legal prescription but can be used by an authorised pharmacy to unlock the e-prescription.

The Active Script List (MySL)

Patients who register as part of the Active Script List can authorise pharmacists, doctors and third-party intermediaries to access their electronic prescription from an Active Script List (ASL). Access to the patient’s electronic prescription is controlled by the patient, and can be ongoing or for a short period of time.

ePrescribing will improve the overall experience of prescribing, giving GPs and patients greater flexibility and provide pharmacies with the opportunity to implement remote and delivery services. In addition, it provides convenience and choice to patients whilst improving PBS efficiency, compliance and drug safety.

ePrescribing solves one of the major problems that practices are currently experiencing during COVID-19; providing valid prescription documents to patients who are unable to present at the practices. The token model of ePrescribing can be used in conjunction with Telehealth, enabling doctors in providing better care to patients remotely by having the option to prescribe prescription post consultations. It eliminates the need for manually signing and sending a paper prescription via courier fax or mail, reducing cost and manual input.

Our aim is to make prescribing faster and more convenient for everyone and to support the future of healthcare going digital.

Benefits of Electronic Prescribing

  • Provides greater choice for patients

  • Reduces administrative burden for healthcare providers and organisations, and improves dispensary efficiency

  • Supports the delivery of telehealth services to ensure continuity of patient care

  • Reduces risk of contamination protecting community members and healthcare providers from exposure to infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19)

  • Improves patient privacy and integrity of personal information by eliminating manual handling and storage

  • Enhances patient safety through reduced errors in prescribing and dispensing

MediSecure is integrated with PrimayClinic enabling medical practitioners to easily action ePrescriptions.

The workflow for patients, prescribing practitioners and pharmacies are as follows:

  1. The patient has a consultation with GP (via Telehealth or In-person)

  2. Patient opts for ePrescription

  3. GP clinical system transmits the data to MediSecure

  4. GP clinical system generates a token with a unique QR code which is sent to the patient via email/SMS

  5. The patient presents the email/SMS with the unique code at the pharmacy

  6. Pharmacy scans and unlocks the encrypted ePrescription and dispenses it to the patient

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